What does the FUSION6 offer the home owner?

Stop and smell the optimism. The future looks clear with T3Energy’s Fusion6 Solar-Hybrid home heating. What’s Fusion6 you ask? It’s simply the genius that combines an efficient conventional reverse-cycle air conditioning system with solar thermal collectors and state of the art heat storage to produce the ideal combination of energy efficiency environmental sensitivity and performance.

Need Proof? Fusion6 is up to *70%  more efficient than  a conventionl home heating systems.

The Fusion6 is an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission System (AT-PZES).
All this with the performance of a conventional air conditioning system.

Did we mention it looks great too. The Fusion6  features state of the art solar thermal collector panels which collect hot air from the sun, and a thermal storage system which can store daytime heat to be used in the evening, all managed by a sophisticated electronic controller. Pretty amazing isn’t it?     But it really shouldn’t be a surprise since T3Energy is the leader in Solar-Hybrid home heating technology.

Roof integrated Solar Collection Panels:

The T3Energy roof integrated Solar Collection Panels are state-of-the-art in solar thermal collector design.

ANU (Australian National University) testing has shown that on a sunny day the T3Energy panels are capable of producing panel air temperatures above 60°C in ambient air temperatures of less
than 10°C.

The Solar Collection Panels also produce hot water for domestic use.

Thermal Store:

The T3Energy thermal storage contains high efficiency phase change material capable of storing up to 20 kWh of energy for use when the sun is not available to heat the system   directly.

The Air Handle contains a heating / cooling coil which is attached to a high efficiency heat pump unit. This provides all the efficiency of conventional reverse cycle heating /cooling when solar heating is not available.

Electronic Controller:

The T3Energy Electronic Controller is the brains of the system . The Controller constantly monitors panel, inside and outside temperatures as well as thermal store capacity and makes smart decisions about how to best use the energy available.

The Controller boasts a user friendly graphical user interface designed to give the user maximum information with a    minimum of interaction.

How the System Works:

All the components of the T3Energy Fusion6 Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning System work together in harmony to deliver the levels of comfort we have all come to expect. At the same time it is extremely low impact on the   environment.

Defining the advantage:

When it comes to the T3Energy Fusion6 Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning System,  all the conventional measurements seem superfluous.

With a peak COP (Coefficient of Performance) of more than 14 times that of even the
best reverse cycle heating systems, the Fusion6 will really impact those utility bills.

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